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Representing the local community, working to get the best value from local services and striving to protect the local environment and greenbelt

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Wheldrake Parish Council's purpose is to improve well-being in the community and to help provide better services to people living in the parish

It does this by:

- Providing some local services

- Passing on the views of local people

- Protecting the environment and the greenbelt

The council has a range of discretionary powers, including raising a precept – a form of council tax used to fulfil duties and raise funding on occasion for community driven projects.

The council:

- Liaises with City of York Council and comments on all planning applications

- Represents village interests with other groups

- Manages village assets such as the playground

- Supports village organisations

The Council has limited direct power but it voices grass-roots opinion. It negotiates with and influences organisations who make the final decisions.


Meetings typically take place on the last Wednesday of the month, starting at 7.00pm in Wheldrake Village Hall (unless otherwise stated). Members of the public are free sit in on any meeting and listen to the public session of council business. Members will be invited to comment on items on the agenda at the appropriate time.  

The agenda for the meeting is posted three working days prior to the meeting. There will be an audio recording taken of meetings by the clerk solely for the purpose of minute taking.

If you would like to speak at the meeting please contact the Clerk prior to the meeting.  If you would like to have an item added to the agenda please advise the Clerk who will consider whether the item is appropriate for inclusion.

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